Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marketing Missed the Mark

I know there are real people with real problems in the world, but two I'd really like to do something about are- 1)Not having enough hot water for me to take a shower and Scrunch to take a bath within an hour of each other with hot water to spare. And 2) The new Victoria Secret campaign I saw last week.They both make me want to climb back in bed and not get out.

I've never been fat. Eight months pregnant is the biggest I've ever been in my life. So hate me. But I'm not uber-thin either. Just because I'm not fat doesn't mean I look down at my body and think, "Oh, baby. I am a hottie with a body." Um, no. I still think, "I need to get into the sun. If I'm really tan my vericose veins don't show as much." "My toes are really, really weird." Sure, there are things (like my boob size) that I'd like to change. My double chin more than my boob size, but I don't think about it all the time. I've accepted that I'm a chick and no matter what, there will be things about myself I'd like to change.

What bothers me about the new Victoria Secret campaign. Are you friggin kidding me? I don't have body image distortion and it still makes me want to puke up everything I just ate for dinner. "I Love My Body"? No shit. If I looked like that I might hug myself all sexy-like and say to myself, "Oooh baby! I am a hottie with a body!" I'd also be a very hungry, cranky beast.

On what planet do women's bodies look like that? Not this one. I've seen a whole lot of naked (as a nurse, just to clarify). And a whole lot of old naked. You know what? It doesn't last. Everyone, EVERYONE, no matter how perky their boobs might be, gets saggy knees at some point. Gar. Un. Teed.

What are women supposed to think?

Throw yourself off a bridge right now if you think that's what normal people look like. There are seven women in the campaign. 7 out of billions. Not bad. Blegh. It just isn't in the cards for most of us. Thanks a whole lot to the ass on Victoria's Secret's marketing campaign for pointing it out. You have my permission to use this pic in your next ad should you get a clue, jerk wad.

Generally I am opposed to belly shots, but I figure this is a for a good cause. It brings out the feminist in me in a weird, ironic way.


Shara Libby said...

I feel your pain... I have decided I never want to be so skinny that I have no time for anything fun because I am too busy working out.. plus who wants to have the highlight of their meal be a snack pack for dessert? Sometimes I want a big fat piece of pie and who cares! =)

Casey said...

Well said! Amen! And thanks for the laugh! Also as a mom of a whole lot of boys...I have to say I HATE these commercials for being so sexually in-your-face! We all race for the remote when one comes on. It's ridiculous!

Oh, and WAY cute belly!

cambridgeclan said...

I stopped giving VS my business a long time ago for a few different reasons. Most of which was not being able to walk through the mall with my children because of the nasty looking manikins.

On the hot water note...we are getting a tank less for the bathroom side of our house so that we don't have to race through showers. I'll let you know how it goes.

Holly said...

holy freakin belly!! lovin it!!

northslopegang said...

thanks for reminding us about real women and real bodies. The other's are just aliens from another planet.

Marti said...

It insults my intelligence to think if I buy their products I will look like those underfed, silicone injected females they call models.

Miquela said...

Since I am you sister and you know I mean this in the kindest way possible, I have to say that is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.
Question? What the hell happened to your bellybutton?

That should make you feel better;D

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