Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Homemade and Halfbaked Ideas

If I think, "I'd have paid money for that!" I know I've done a satisfactory job in hacking something.

You've all seen the upholstered headboards. Well, trendy or not, I wanted one.

Snotty as it sounds I wouldn't necessarily have to make my own. I have a job and credit and this is America after all. I think an upholstered headboard is the right of every American. Along with a huge t.v., cable, healthcare, acrylic nails, and Doritos. Anything else you'd like to add while were at it?

The boys (and girls) up at Capitol Hill are duking it out and we could easily slip one past them. Lets add a Pottery Barn Bill while we're at it. If you pay taxes, you get a Pottery Barn gift card in an equal amount. Just sayin'.

As it is not likely to happen that I should acquire anything free Free FREE from the government because my husband and I are actually responsible citizens and work for a living, I had to come up with an alternative plan.

With a little help, Internet, and some muscle, thirty dollars later I have something I'd have paid actual cash for in a place other than Craigslist.

My mom gave me the fabric almost two years ago. I sewed the dust ruffle myself. I still have plans for pillows, accents, and wait for it....pelmet boxes. But for the cost of new blinds, half inch plywood, and nailhead trim I've got a bedroom to give birth in.

Look, you might not all agree with me politically, and I'd think twice if you ever had the chance to vote for me, but I think I deserve a Pottery Barn something after smashing my hand with the rubber mallet and not even cussing.

Now for the tutorial...

Google 'Upholstered Headboard Tutorial' or call me.

If you're thinking the brown and orange kind of clash, it's my crappy camera and the dark of night. Oh wait, add that to the Bill! DSLRs all around!


JessG said...

Love it! I really wish I had your boldness sometimes. Other times it makes me laugh.

You've been nominated by me for the Creative Blog Award! YAY!

Goose said...

lets add sterilization to that bill...

Katie said...

So cute! My SIL makes upholstered headboards and I love them. Right now the wall is our headboard and I don't love it so much...

I meant to tell you today that I love the new curtains in the kitchen. Way cute.

northslopegang said...

Love it!! You can makeover my bedroom anytime.

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