Friday, February 5, 2010

Eww! Weird.

I am not in the camp of those that consider the pregnant body beautiful or an overly glorious experience. Most days I think, "Eww. Weird." Glad I am, but weird. Check out my belly button and you'll agree.

I, more than the general population I think, get that it is a bloody miracle but still... you've got to admit it's very strange the physical changes a person can undergo in such a short period of time without going under the knife.

It does have its perks though.
  • You can ask for and eat whatever you want and no one questions it.
  • People tell you that you look great when you look like shiz.
  • It is the best excuse to do absolutely nothing and be anti-productive and you totally get away with it!
  • You can get away with anything.
  • Strangers are nice to you.
  • Even stranger are the creepy dudes that go beyond nice, venturing into the realm of coming on to you. So very creepy.
I was relaying a creepy encounter to my sister and her boyfriend when they came up with the strangest pregnancy theory of all.

Basically what it boiled down to was... Think like a dude. They can't get you pregnant and they know you put out.

Eww! Weird.

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