Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random is what I do best.

We went for dinner tonight at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I could drink their salsa with a straw. We topped off the meal with fried ice cream. I just wanted to write to say that I think whoever came up with frying ice cream deserves a medal. A gold medal.

And that I cannot wait for the Olympics to begin on Friday. That is my spicy Valentine's Day celebration all planned out- us, caramel popcorn, and the Opening Ceremonies.

I also plan on finishing Scrunch's Valentine's Day hat. The same hat which my husband asked tonight if it was supposed to be a yarmulke. So I have a bit to go. Isn't that what the Olympics is all about? Aim high and achieve your dreams. Or sit and watch t.v. for hours on end and achieve them that way.

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