Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to the Grind

  • Tomorrow is my first day back to work since Porkchop's surgery. It's only been three weeks and it feels like longer than my leave ever did when he was born. I am going to remember how to take a blood pressure, aren't I?
  • Speaking of blood pressure, how bout them elections? I got out the vote. Not that it did a damn bit of good. Note to self...They're all the same.
  • I overheard Scrunch in the bathtub get all huffy and strict with the plastic turtle and rubber ducky. "Shh!! You need to be reverent. You're taking the sacrament." as she dumped a shampoo cap full of water over their heads. 
  • That girl! She's a firecracker. I was feeling all wussy because by the end of the day I am wiped out, but the friend who watched her the day Porkchop was in surgery told me, "Man she's an active child. I've got four! And I don't wonder what you do all day."
  • Today's Joy school did me in. I don't know if it was Halloween or what their deal was, but a frenzy of crazed two year olds descended on my dining turned play room. N was for Nature. T for Turkey. And I spent two and a half hours talking in that high pitched kindergarten teacher voice to keep their attention for more than three seconds. Note to self...there's not enough money on God's green Earth to entice me into opening a daycare.
  • Husband kicked my trash in Scrabble tonight. I was a sore loser and got pissy. His winning word? Kong. What the...? It's like playing Scrabble with a twelve year-old. And he won! I'm getting a better reference than They think shabu is also a word. Tap. Tap. Tap-a-roo!
  • I've watched too much Adam Sandler. Can you imagine playing Scrabble with that guy?
  • I'm going to bed before I go search 'Scrabble SNL' on YouTube. I've got to work in the morning.
  • Please take mercy. No butt wounds, okay? I always seem to get a butt wound right off the bat.


Ellie said...

While my mother in law was here Tommy and her played boggle every night. Ending the weekend with a 2 hour tournament. I used to like boggle...

Holly said...

My Grandad has a butt wound...wanna come check it out??

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