Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New label

Scrunch threw an Oscar winning tantrum over a second episode of Casper the Friendly Ghost or the color of her pony, I don't remember which. Oh, wait. It was both. It fact, the whole day was one drama melt down after another. She's very good at being two-almost-three, this one. Drama. drama. drama. All. day. long.

But I remained surprisingly calm. I would like big, fat brownie points for that. And by brownie points I actually mean a big, fat platter of actual brownies. Fudge. Hold the frosting. And the sprinkles. Why on earth would you put sprinkles on brownies?

Along with fantasizing about my chocolate orgy, I also knew that one- she would be going to bed (by seven o'clock thank you.) and two, I would get my sweet, blogging-mommy revenge.

This is the first post of my new label.

"Don't mess with me or I'll tell these to your boyfriends"

Story #1. Here, Kitty Kitty

Two days ago Scrunch crawled over to me meowing and purring like a kitty. She has been a "kitty" ever since. "Here kitty-kitty" this, and "here kitty-kitty" that. You get the idea. She has also been a champ at potty training. Until lately. I guess the novelty of picking a sticker wore off or she's too busy doing other things, but she does not for the life of her want to stop and go potty. So I played her little game and called, "Here kitty-kitty! Time to use the litter box!" And it worked!

Don't mess with me sista! No one does drama better than mama.


Marti said...

I can't bring brownies to you, but I can make some and eat them for you:) Oh the joys of a toddler, but she is so stinken' cute!

cambridgeclan said...

Way to play the game!

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