Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Breakup

While Scrunch's birthmom was in labor we watched Pretty Woman. Right there in her hospital room a special spot was growing for Richard Gere. It was a good omen.

For the last five months every week I've had a date, or rather Porkchop has had a date with Dr. Richard Gere. Richard Gere is a special name at our house. And our real life dude much more famous.

People practice medicine for all sorts of reasons. It doesn't matter what they are, you have to at least pretend to care. The difference with Dr. Gere, is that he really does. He's gone above and beyond for us. What doc gives out his personal cell and home phone number "just in case you have questions or are concerned for any reason"?

The day of his surgery he came in on his day off to fit Porkchop personally with his new appliance. He sat with us and chatted in the waiting room while he was in recovery and he was with us when we saw him the first time. I saw him tear up when I started crying. Every visit he has told Porkchop how awesome he is and "way to go mom!" As we leave "Keep up the good work! I'll see you next week."

So yesterday when he pulled up his calendar and said, "Unless he starts teething on top, I'd like to see you every three months" I nodded and smiled and we left the office with a "We'll see you soon."

He broke up with us. Thinks we should see other people. We're too good for him now. And it's in thanks, a large part, to him.

We will always love Richard Gere.

And Dr. Senders too, but he deserves his own post.

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Marin said...

Um, when I started reading this post, I thought to myself, "No, that can't be the same guy." But in seeing his picture, it is! He was my orthodontist during my childhood, through a couple rounds of braces and such. Too funny, I think of him often as he used to or maybe still does have a practice near our house now. I used to visit his EDH office most often though.
Congrats on porkchop's progress!

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