Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to my way of thinking.

Rather than do the dishes, we baked brownies and ran to the park. But even I know that I should fill the mixing bowl with hot water or I was going to come home to fudge cement. Rather than the cement, we came home to brown sludge, floating pineapple chunks, and the red grease left from browning hamburger floating atop the sink and surrounding the dishes. No prob, Bob. Reason #5,683 I'm glad I'm not a Pioneer- Garbage disposal!

Flip the switch and walah!...Nada.

Try again.


The likely culprit wasn't my cooking as much as it was the melanine flower crushed off the child sized spoon I dug out the same morning. This is where I put my thinking cap on and got down to business.

Through my lineage I have inherited a certain stubborn streak. For the sake of a fight, we will call it a "Can- do" attitude! (Mom, remember pulling out the dryer drum in 7th grade?) I was not about to pay $100 bucks to watch his crack while the plumber dug around for ten minutes and then have him tell me it's broken. Thanks, but no thanks!

Fix the disposal? I can do this! Well, with the help of YouTube, a mop handle, Johnny Jumper for the Porkchop, the bedroom lamp, an allen wrench, a potty break, a pumping break, and Sesame Street- I can do this!

And do it, I did!

Money SAVED...
$100 bucks on the plumber
$77 plus or minus shipping for a new Insinkerator from Amazon = $177

That's more than HALF of the cost of my heart's greatest (current) desire!

Cricut Expression

I also inherited an uncanny ability for justification, budgeting, and hint dropping.


Shane & Amy said...

I wouldn't want to look at some dudes crack either! Way to go on fixing it. I've got the older model of the cricut and the design studio!! LOVE EM! I know of someone getting rid of the older model if you're looking for one of those cheap. She doesn't use it too much.

Natster said...

Cricuts rock. Seriously I love mine. Just do it. :)

mousemovie said...

Kinda like having a Teenager grind up a glass in the garbage disposal, eh?

cambridgeclan said...

My sweet mother-in-law had two cups of melted butter pored down hers by her sweet teenager. He didn't know! After many attempts she resorted to the plumber with the SUPER SNAKE. Good job fixing it yourself.

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