Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A is for Awesome

Awes-vember, as it has been affectionately dubbed, is off to a good start.

Artgurl had a little giveaway and I won! I won something. I actually won something. I don't think I've won something since a "It's hot to not" t-shirt in the 4th grade.

Anna Maria Horner. Ah. Piecing this quilt and looking at all the colors is just a happy place.

Avocadoes are awesome! As of this morning there is one tiny white pearly thing on his left bottom gum that wasn't there before.


Marti said...

Erick has it all, eyes and a great smile. Watch out, here comes all the giggly girls!

Goose said...

He is, quite possibly, the cutest child. I love how excited he is about the food.

Joyful Productions said...

I love your pics. He is so amazing. How fun to have a munchkin that is having so much fun with life. I love your family and all you are to each other. Kaleem

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