Sunday, October 31, 2010

Craptober is Over!

At least if you live on the East Coast it is.

This month kicked my butt around the block in about forty-three ways. So Craptober I say to you, "Peace out! You piece of crap!"

Next month, things are going to be different. Two hours, twenty minutes, and counting...

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Were you aware that Adoption is awesome?! Consider yourself aware-d. And as Katie pointed out, "how could Adoption Awareness Month be anything but awesome!?" No doubt. Bring on Awes-vember!


Goose said...

I completely and totally agree. October has, as Dad would say, sucked blue veined donkey balls. I hate October. Bring on November!!! I have 2, 4 day weekends in November! :)

grandma/mom said...

I love this picture! You are so lucky to have your mom and dad so close by! Never had that!

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