Friday, October 15, 2010

Chopper v1.2

A few have tip toed around this fact. And so I will say it for you. Porkchop was cute before. A damn fine lookin' specimen if I say so myself. His little personality sparkled and his toothless grin reminded me of a little Asian man sitting in the park playing Mah Jong. But!...Now, I choke up at the thought that one day he is going to love another lady more than me. Fighting off those ladies is going to start, like, next week.

If he had words beyond the pterodactyl screech he is intent on perfecting he'd be like, "Dude, Mom. Why do you keep staring at me?" It's hard to explain...He looks so different. So, so different. I have to remind myself that it's still him. Prior to surgery he was so sparkly. So cuddly. So Porkchop. And since surgery he is a little um...stoned, thank you codeine. A little more complicated to cuddle, thank you No-nos. And a little less Porkchop. It's harder for him to lick his chops. He's Porkchop version 1.2. A sleeker, more polished version. I was just used to the original model.

His new features though have their benefits. It's going to take a little adjusting but through the pain control, and post-op care I can already see the difference in his ability to eat and breathe just a little better.

His last 'before' shot. And yes, I'm crying right now.


Goose said...

You spend so much time and money fixing the nose and then a few years from now Scrunch will throw a not quite ripe nectarine at his face. That seems to be our families MO :)

He was cute before and he is cute now- you guys have some good looking kids.

grandma/mom said...

Kristen was just talking to me last night and she said I loved Pork Chop before but my gosh he is is one good looking dude now. I guess I always talked about his eyes because I really never noticed his nose and mouth that much. His eyes are so expressive. Now I agree with you and Kristen he is one handsome dude:)!!

mousemovie said...

"But!...Now, I choke up at the thought that one day he is going to love another lady more than me."

No sympathy, darling. Sorry.

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