Monday, October 4, 2010

The Comment That Made Me Choke On And Spew Out My Cereal

As I sat down to lunch with my bowl of Raisin Bran (I like Raisin Bran any time of the day. So sue me), I checked my e-mail from my phone. I gagged, I choked, and spewed the contents of my mouth across the counter.

I mentioned charting. The comment was "Um, charting for work or the other kind of charting?"

Um, yes. Charting for work. And with only the kindest, most loving of knitting friendship thoughts I ask, "Are you insane?!?!"

Did you really think that I was trying to get preg. gulp. nant? 

Just so we're clear. So everyone is clear. Oh Good Golly Miss Molly Hell No!

As much as I love (adore even) my kids, for as hard as it was to get them here (up to and including adoption and years of fertility mumbo jumbo), and as much as we plan on raising more, it is in the Some Day. I am firmly implanted in the camp that child spacing is a positive thing for my health, my children's health, and the health of my marriage.

For the reasons, the rant, and to kavetch in general, see me Tuesday. Only sleet or snow would keep me away. I'd make a terrible Postal Service worker, but I AM COMING TO KNITTING!

I'd expand but I just got so worked up that the bottle I was pumping into overflowed all over the keyboard. 

There. I hope you just lost some of your lunch. :)


Marin said...

Ha ha! Just pointing out what I knew you didn't think of when posting that. I had to say something - I was 99.9% sure you were'nt ready for another.

Lisa said...

You'll know when the time is right, and then you'll have that journey to look forward to all over again!

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