Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is not a tag.

It just looks like it is. But it's not.

It's not fair when...
1. You're recovering from a cold, but not sick enough to call in sick.
2. Having a cold and it's hotter than 90 degrees. It's just wrong.
3. You have to go to work when it's one of two days a year you get to stay home and watch Church in your jammies.

Best pennies I ever spent... I didn't spend them this weekend, but acknowledged just what a very smart move they were.
1. Awesome stereo in the car- Rocking out to LIVE's Lighting Crashes is just motivating, okay?
2. Orange Crocs- I don't care what anyone says. They've been good to me.
3. $5 dollar purple (that is now more grayish) watch from The Store That Shall Not Be Mentioned (purchased prior to boycotting the big "W".) That thing has just kept on ticking!

What I wish I had a picture of...
Scrunch dancing in the front room naked except for a pink feather boa.

What I wish I had a video of...
Porkchop 'singing' himself to sleep along with the light-up seahorse named "Baby."

What I wish I didn't forget before leaving the house this morning...
1. Mascara
2. My wallet
3. Cigarette lighter adapter for my pump.

What I like most about my job (today)...
1. Scrubs- They look all official and stuff, but really they're just comfy.

This weekend's most awkward moment...
Somehow one phone in one pocket called the other phone in my other pocket, so both pockets started noticeably vibrating as I approached the counter to pick up my Jamba Juice. And then it took me a sec to figure out which call took priority as to which one to answer first and then realizing it was me accidentally calling me.

Three most frequently thought thoughts...
1. Whatever floats your boat ya wackadoodle.
2. Get off the road! Shmuck!
3. I would miss church in my jammies for this.

Three things I need to do before I can go to bed tonight...
1. Chart
2. Chart
3. Chart

Three things I'm putting off doing right now...
1. Charting
2. Charting
3. Charting


Natster said...

oh this a wonderful post. Well I like all of your posts because they make me chuckle, usually after the initial shock factor has worn off. (Imagine my face giving the non-verbal: Did she really just say that? Oh yes she did...ha ha...)

And...just because I want you to know because I think it is cool... we too boycott the store that shall not be named, the big "W".
I ♥ Target.
Oh... did you get a chance to watch Saturday morning yet? Dieter. as he is affectionately called in our household, is officially in my posse. Same with Holland and Eyring. And Oaks.
Take care friend. :)

Marin said...

Um, charting for work or the other kind of charting?

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