Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skool is kool.

Somehow, somebody, somewhere convinced me that a pre-school co-op/Joy school was a good idea. It is actually just a couple of moms with kids the same age trading turns having the kids make messes at their house.

Bonked head and picking a wedgie. Typical first day pic.

Three moms. Three cameras. 
Three kids looking three different directions.

Slap a (free from the Pediatricians office) bling-ed out backpack on it and call it Skool and Scrunch is all over it.

See ya Sis! I'm going to stay here and rock out with Mom.

First week projects. A is for apple.

It was my turn to "teach" this week. I could not be a pre-school teacher full time. I would have no life and be so tired. Do you know how peppy you have to be to keep two year olds on track? I am not naturally peppy. Plus, coming up with stuff sucks you in. And we could do this! and do this! and I need a Cricut so I can do this! And what if we did this? Oooh, I want to do this! Four two year olds also works wonders as a justification for delaying a cleaning of the guest bathroom and mopping of the kitchen floor.

Our theme this month is the alphabet/apples. We "picked" apple post it notes from the tree out front to make our paper plate apple pies sprinkled with cinnamon. They ate apple "trees" for a snack, blew bubbles, jumped on the trampoline, colored parts of an apple coloring page, read a story, danced to the alphabet songs CD, colored some more, jumped some more, went potty like forty-three times, and when it was over Scrunch was ready for quiet, Porkchop slept for three hours, and I vowed to grovel at the feet of my triplet mom friend's feet in admiration the next time I see her. Except I was too tired to go to knitting (a full day later) anyway.

 A is for apples and alphabet indoctrination continues.  

       They're sniffing cinnamon, not glue. Just so we're clear.    

We did it again on Wednesday, mixing it up with a little Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom. Alphabet pudding, Coconut trees, alphabet puzzles, more bubbles, more jumping, and another forty-three trips to the potty.

Say "Alex Alligator arrived at Allison's applefarm in April."

Next week, it's at someone else's house and I get five hours during the week to clean the garage without Scrunch's help. I'd say this is working out in my favor.


cambridgeclan said...

You are a brave woman! Or you got suckered into it:) It looks like the kids are having a blast. You would make a great preschool teacher. The kids would never be bored.

northslopegang said...

I did joy school!! IT was fun and I remember how much the kids loved it all. Keep up the great work.

mom said...

Great pictures. Almost like being there for me...but better!!

Marti said...

Did Joy School with Brittney. Glad I was able to afford preschool for the last two!!!
Love the first pic of Scrunch, bonk, wedgie and all!

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