Friday, September 24, 2010

I'll bet someone back East is sayin, "Now why don't (s)he write?"

If you name that movie, you move up a notch in my book. Congratulations.

I've got excuses but you've heard them before. They're starting to sound like an old record. Work, school, Dr. appts., park days, pumping, pre-operative research (did that just count as alliteration?), Joy school (that's a new one), know the same old stuff with a few new. I'm lagging behind, but I'll catch up. One of these days...but not today.

P.S. A few Scrunch quotes to tide you over until I catch up. No, really. I'm going to. I swear. Pinky promise and all that.

"Mom, I'm a cowgirl. You're a cowmom."
"Hi my name is Scrunch. Welcome to the park." She is the self-proclaimed ambassador of the local park, apparently.
"Mom, hamburger tastes like animals."


[AlisaR] said...

I'm so ticked right now that I can't name that movie. I've seen it more than once.
I know it's about a skeleton they find, but ICAN"T REMEMBER!!!!! grrrr. Can I move up HALF a notch???

Shane & Amy said...

Dances with Wolves!!!

Ellie said...

the last quote is my favorite. hilarious!!

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