Monday, September 27, 2010

Nursing- the kind you get a paycheck for.

What used to be my "Kids Are Asleep or Sesame Street is On Blogging Time" has lately been "Aww crap! I've got to get these CEU's done Pronto! Time." My license expires on Thursday and it's kind of important that I practice with a license if I want to avoid law suits, jail time, and other things I have even less time for.

I became a nurse because it was a good mom job. I mean, let's be honest. If I could do anything in the whole wide world it might not be dealing with people's butt wounds and explaining for the thousandth time why it is so important to check your blood sugar. (It's your leg.) But I was good at math and science. It sounded interesting and I had an awesome opportunity so I started nursing school the semester after I graduated high school.

I've now been a nurse for six years. Weird.

At one time I seriously resented the time I spent working. We didn't have kids, but wanted to. I couldn't sit around all day eating bon bons, so I worked. I used to think that if I had known I was going to be a full-fledged nurse as long, I might have studied/done something different. Something that includes a giant discount at Pottery Barn comes to mind. Lately, though I've changed my mind back.

It's a perfect mom job. Only because I worked so long do I now have the flexibility of being able to tell them when I'm going to work. And it comes in very handy.

I don't let the chicks who make Porkchop's appointments bully me. I'm not afraid to switch up his taping or dressings. I know the difference between what is really hurting him and what just hurts to see as his mom.

And then there's the times like last night... The time I had to lance my own milk blister to get the plugged duct to drain. No thanks to my needle-chicken husband who would have nothing to do with the whole operation. Scarier than stabbing yourself in the boob with a needle is that I can't even describe how much better it felt when I did it than it did before. Who else has a spare butterfly just sitting in the back of their car? If the entire reason for me becoming a nurse has been to get through the last four months and to get through the next six, it will have been worth it. I'd still do it again. Part-time at Pottery Barn will have to wait.


needlenut said...

Ouch, it sounds like it hurt like a smashed thumb and feels so good when you let the blood out. Miss you guys.

cambridgeclan said...

It's no wonder we get along so well. Not many families will poke, cut, or stitch something at home:)

Goose said...

Shoot, I hope my current job never comes in handy down the road...just saying...

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