Saturday, September 4, 2010

Win Some, Ya Lose Some

Win- Insurance finally got their act together and will cover the claim at 100%!
Loss- There are more claims where that one came from.

Win- Lots of fun with friends, weekends in Tahoe, beach trips, and park days.
Loss- Only phone pics to prove it.

Win- Husband is back in school and I am back to work.
Loss- Busy, busy, busy.

Win- Busy, busy, busy.
Loss- No blogging.

Win- Knit and finished something.
Loss- Gauge was off and had to frog it.

Win- Still pumping like a heifer.
Loss- Still awake.

Win- Scrunch gets more independent every day saying things like, "Mom, have you seen my purse?" and "Papa, can I drive?"
Loss- She's two and a half.

Win- Porkchop's cleft has closed 4mm.
Loss- He rips out the appliance at least four times a day.

Win- Both kids are busy, busy, busy.
Loss- Never been so tired in my life.

Win- BYU's first game of the season!
Loss- Not today suckas!

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