Sunday, September 19, 2010


I felt a little silly when Husband caught me singing "If I Were a Rich Man" in the garage as I got home this afternoon. But not nearly as silly as I hope the salt and peppered middle aged man felt when we busted him talking baby talk to his Fifi-cut Standard Poodle at the park. Weirdo.


Scrunch is totally into singing every thing lately, especially as we walk the to the park or in the store. Some of her classics have been "I don't care. I DON'T care. I DON'T CARE!" and "There goes a turkey! Happ-ily. Eeever. After!"

My personal favorite was in Safeway one day as she belted out "WE LOVE HEAVENLY FATHER! WE LOVE HEAVENLY FATHER!" When I asked her to sing a little more quietly or to wait to sing until we were outside she responded with, "But we DO!" Oy.

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Goose said...

I love that kid... I demand that I get to see her soon. I am sure I can get Grami and Gramps to agree!

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