Monday, October 25, 2010

Craptober's Redeeming Quality

Monday and Tuesday are mostly a blur.

Wednesday I took the car to the dealership to find the source of the horrendous metal grating sound, and Porkchop to his post-op. I splashed the Resident with breastmilk. Her reaction was that of my contaminating her with arsenic. I wanted to laugh so bad, so I did a little. She deserved it. She had no bedside manner what. so. ever. and wouldn't give me the okay to remove Porkchop's last suture myself. Instead, I get to return in a week so she can do it. She must need the practice, but I don't need the drive. Betcha a thousand I've removed more sutures than she has. Scrunch was a leapfrog the ENTIRE visit. That is until the last three minutes when she switched to a kangaroo and hopped to the elevators. Dr. Pissypants did not think this was as funny as I did.

I needed to get out of the house. Somewhere fun. Up there with food, water, oxygen. Need. So I took Scrunch on a field trip to the pumpkin patch while Porkchop stayed with Papa. It wasn't till the drive home that she noticed her brother was missing and asked where I put him. This was Thursday.

By Saturday I needed out again. The park would have been closer, but instead we went to Six Flags. I felt all She-rah!! because I pumped in the parking lot and syringe fed during the dolphin show. And it was raining! She-rah! Scrunch pet an elephant, stomped in every. single. puddle. and rode a 'copter. Porkchop rehearsed for a part in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble under my clear umbrella.This little adventure lacks adequate documentation because I left the camera on the counter. At home.

Today I dropped my phone shattering the shmancy touch screen into a zillion tiny pieces. One of these ending up in my thumb. The kiddos were over tired and cranky thanks to all of yesterday's fun. I ate too many peanut m&ms. I'm still eating them.

Craptober is on an upswing. Tomorrow they will remove his last suture and the stents. I will burn the no-nos. Halloween costumes are looking awesome, and my parent's are coming this weekend. Sweet hallelujah! We've almost made it through the month.

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ruth said...

Ok I want to compare notes. So you were able to keep the No-No's on? For how long were you suposed to wear them? How about the nose stents.... I'm so curious. We have given up on it. How long did you need to use pain meds. The Docotr is now thinking she may have an some sort of infection(not the sutures)so we are doing another round of antibiotics.
BTW--craptober had me laughing hard, this is indeed craptober.

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