Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What we're about.

Like a good mama monkey, I just spent forty minutes picking the crusties out of Porkchop's nose. A little cleaning up while he was still sleeping for a special occasion. His one week post-op appointment is this afternoon.

One week. Good glory! Is that all it's been? It's been a long week. I didn't know I could be so tired. I used to go to school all day, wait tables at night, do clinicals on Friday and Saturday getting up at 4:30a.m. and then wait tables until midnight. Then I'd wait for Husband to get off at 1-2am. When I graduated I worked twelve hour night shifts and went to school during the day. What happened? Holly says it's because I'm getting old. That must be it. When I am really old I will be the old lady that eats dinner at 4:30p.m. and is in bed by 6:30. You betcha.

Holly also said that Monday was not Monday, it was Crapday. When I told Husband he laughed and called this month Craptober. That's all he has to say about that.

When he blessed Porkchop in August he blessed him that he might find joy and view life as fun throughout the many difficulties in his life. As his mama, I was annoyed that my husband blessed my baby with having difficulties and challenges. I'm a little more grateful now. Like it or not they're gonna come. Dang it all! That Little Turkey has been all smiles. He flaps his arms like a little bird but doesn't go anywhere. Hence, the turkey. Smiley and totally chill. That's my boy. They call him Mellow Yellow. His Indian name is Baby With The Most Nicknames EVER. At night he'd really, REALLY like to suck his thumb and snuggle his face on my shoulder two things he can't do yet. One more week.

Scrunch, is well...Scrunch. You could say she didn't ask for any of this. Her world has been a little more than unfair the last week. Or five months. But you know what? I think she knew exactly what she was doing, what Someone was doing when she was sent to this family. NO ONE messes with her brother. Only she is allowed to launch a sippy cup in his direction across the back seat. Not twenty minutes later she told me, "My brother is great." We all think she is great.

Ani and Jedi are still here. So is the cat. I think.

I've kept flowers alive for an entire year.

And it's raining here this week.


Ellie said...

The difference between being superpowered in your past and worn out in present is the emotional aspect. Its waay harder everyday because of the intense love and desire for them to have the best. At least from my experience. One week down! Wootwoot!! Looking forward to another hangout. Can I bring you dinner or how about some yummy pastries?

cambridgeclan said...

You know life is good when John refers to it as craptober. The difference in being mommy tired is that you don't stop, call in, or doze off for a few minutes in between activities. If you try to most likely you will be climbed on or something fun. The kids look great. Little miss looks so sweet and calm:)

Goose said...

"Ralphie!!!" "I can't put my arms down!" Name that movie... That is what I am reminded of whenever I see his little arms.

Katie said...

2 of the cutest little faces around!

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