Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm pretty sure we've been pegged with this description more than a few times. And it's cool, because it is true. You may have added/subtracted a part about where we live, how much you love/hate me, or that I once had purple hair (on purpose). And all of that is probably true, too.

There is only one time, one, where I would ask that you never use this description. Never, never, never, (did I mention never?) use this description when talking with someone/friend/friend of a friend/chick who is in the process of adopting or is hoping to adopt or is planning on adopting. Please don't peg us as "that couple", the one that someone always knows that adopted and then they got pregnant. Because that's not how it works. And that's not how it worked.

You may not realize it but it is actually hurtful, and can be mean. Adoption should never be pursued as a cure for infertility. It also puts a negative connotation towards adoption. Like a family just adopts/adopted so they could get pregnant. Ahhh! Makes me crazy. And as a mama bear, ticks me off!

If I am talking with someone and they hear Scrunch was adopted and that then Porkchop came biologically, I automatically get an "Oh, that's wonderful!" Um, yes. Yes it is. But you know what? Adoption is wonderful too. And that's what you should say to these friends/friends of a friend/chick who is in the process of adopting, or his hoping to adopt, or is planning on adopting. Say, "That is wonderful!" and leave it at that. Because it is wonderful you know. Wonderful to me.

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Sarah said...

You said it perfectly! Amen!

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