Monday, February 7, 2011

Hoo! Loves you.

I used to have a craft day at my house every week. When Porkchop was born it just didn't jive with the schedule anymore, so I had to call it quits. Then Amy moved. Then Katie. And my weekly craft club dwindled down to just Scrunch and I and a glue stick. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I went a'craftin with a few ladies in the neighborhood and bingo! A fire was lit under my non-crafting slacker butt.

So, here's my plan. I'm going to have an on-line weekly craft day. That way Katie, and Amy and anyone else who wants to join can play and we can work on our goods while the kids are asleep, while wearing our husband's flannel pajama bottoms, and watching Candice Olson on HGTV. Or something like that.

I will have a theme each week with links to a variety of crafts that range in craft type and skill level. And then the next week I'll post my pics with the next theme/links. Follow? If you want to play leave me a comment as well as if you're willing/want to "host" a week by coming up with the theme and links.

This week I want to finish the Valentine's Day gift for my kids. It was inspired by a Tootsie Roll tin lunch box I found on clearance and this commercial.

Hoo! Loves You!

Knit owl by Amy Gaines
What a Hoot! Applique
Baby Legs from Socks
Chocolate Owls
Marshmellow Pops
Owl Hairclip
You're A Hoot Card
Owl Bunting

This is just a jumping off place. Do your thing...

This past week..A little lovin' in the doorway.


Amy and Wayne Taylor said...

I am definitely in:) I love your cute owl wreath. Shoot this means I better get busy and figure out what to make this week.

grandma/mom said...

I will be following the ideas. Thanks for coming up with such creative crafts. Carolyn

Katie said...

Love it! I'll definitely play along when my time and skill level allow. BTW, I'm totally in love with the owl theme right now. That wreath is super cute!

Miss you big time!

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