Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I love this Valentine's Eve

Make ahead meatloaves (loaves or loafs when it relates to ground beef?) and any dinner I don't have to cook on days I work. Or any other day.

NPR's 'Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me'

Scrunch repeating her address when she wants to go home.

Using a hole saw.

The great debate between Martha Stewart's Flagstone and any other color in the Martha Stewart color line. It's been a year. Time to paint.

Sewing for Scrunch.

Messing around with Piknik.

Going to the zoo in February.

And that now that I have kids, pictures of them count as presents for Grandmas. In this case Grami.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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featherhead said...

Grami loves pictures every day of the year.... they are the best present ever!!

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