Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is...

There is a great, big, fatty of a difference between 'romance' and 'love'. And I guess it's a good thing I know it or yesterday might have been a total bust. Romance is fun, silly, spontaneous, and includes red and black lace. Love, on the other hand, is mostly puke. Yup. Puke.


Letting your wife sleep while you deal with the puke.
Leaving work no questions asked to bring home an arsenal of saltines, ginger ale, Sprite, and soup.
Washing puke off the couch, off the carpet, and the new skirt mom sewed.
Rubbing her back while she "pukes-up."
Cuddling while watching Sound of Music between pukes.
Long naps.
Being puked on.
Playing on the playroom floor so I can get a shower to wash the puke off.

No doubt. Love is mostly puke. And if you don't like puke then it can be poop, or pus, or colostomy bags, or suppositories, or jp drains, or anything else that makes your stomach turn because eventually it all comes around. I could have gone with "comes back up", but didn't. Are you catching on to the imagery that there was a whole lotta puke involved? That's how you know it's love. The real thing. They have either seen you puke, rubbed your back while you puked, or cleaned up your puke.

Love is Puke. Can I get that printed on a card? Etsy print? Anything?

How about, "Owl Always Love You?"

Puke and all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Goose said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

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