Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I think I'm smarter today than I was before this trip.

We made it to the Science Museum with our own personal tour guide, a.k.a. Aunt Goose the science teach. Scrunch liked it so much that after five and a half hours in the car she asked if we could go home to pick up our jackets and go back.

The stomach flu really does simplify things, you know. No more 'whites', 'darks', 'delicates', 'hand-wash', 'dry this and your dead'. It's either puke or poop. Easy peasy laundry day.

After eight years of marriage and a staunch "live five hours from any in-laws" stance, I'm ready for Husband to ditch the gig so we can buy the house next door. It was awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. to wake up to the fact that my child had been kidnapped for some fun while I was taking afternoon nap(s). 

I can count every four rounds. And had I not run out of yarn two days into the trip, I'd have finished my Hemlock Ring. 

Everyone either talks about Northern or Southern California. Rarely does anyone mention the Central Valley. Ever wonder why? I don't.

I also now know the gender of my sister's gremlin. Let just say we hope the child does not inherit his mother's lisp. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...poop or puke. I might try that to conquer my laundry pile.

I DREAM (iterally) Of having what I like to call a "buffer zone" from both sides of our families - I love 'em - but just don't need the drama every freakin' day. My dream buffer zone is an entire ocean. OR a 4 hour plane ride. Preferably an ocean.

Hemlock Ring? Going to Ravelry now...:)

The floors - hand scraped teak...LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM. My floors hide tons of kids crap - not real crap - but, kids everyday crap that I "forget" to sweep up everyday. ;)

Goose said...

I already miss those little bugs... can Scrunch come and play?

Holly said...

Did I read "his"? What's your family gonna do with 2 boys now? Good thing scrunch will still be the reigning princess:)

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