Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Week

Sunday: After visiting a patient- a single mother with bipolar-schizophrenia (along with her myriad of health problems) who was completely dependent and still managed to raise (if you can call it that) six children, I realized that I will never again let the media guilt me into feeling like I need to defend adoption.

Monday: Couponing, meal planning, grocery day. And the first of three trips to "Home Deal-o". I have fallen into the bottomless pit of home improvements which started when I insisted my husband rip the cabinets off the wall in the laundry room. Last Saturday we hauled seven wheelbarrow loads of river rock dug out by hand from one part of the yard to the other. Just for fun. And just because we can.

Tuesday: My first woodworking project, with a boo-boo to boot. I only managed to drill my index finger when tightening the bit, but I learned how to use the miter and the circular saw so it could have been lots worse. Tawanda!!

Wednesday: My Baby Llama, Llama Red Pajama was in fine form today. I could not, not, not, not read that book one more time. I blew the joint shortly after bedtime and went out for a Craft night. I got almost nothing done, but it lit a fire under my non-crafting butt and now I've got all sorts of plans.

Thursday: Went to work and realized that I will never really be able to quit my job. Just when I think I'm about to lose it on the laundry and the bathroom floors, I get out and come feeling like my house is clean, my kids are great, the problems are small, and we're the least dysfunctional family on the planet! A little dose of perspective is a mighty strong thing. And I get paid.

Ask Scrunch what Mama does when she goes to work. "You go take care of the sick man. Not the sicko. Just the sick man." Thank you, Papa. And what does Papa do when he goes to work? "He has to bring home the bacon. I like bacon."

Friday: I gotta Cricut! I gotta Cricut! I gotta Cricut hey, hey. Hey. Hey!

Saturday: When it comes to meals with friends, I prefer dinner at your place and breakfast at mine. And for purely selfish reasons. Showered, dressed, clean house, and fed before noon on a Saturday leaves the rest of day to think about moving more rock, painting walls, scraping old paint and ending up just taking a nap instead. I also came across several videos on my husband's phone that will serve as further evidence in my continual case that my kids are the cutest in the world.

So now you know. If I'm not blogging, it's not because I'm sitting around watching my soaps and eating Bonbons. I do, however, have a thing for RedBox and a Costco frozen yogurt in the freezer.

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