Thursday, May 26, 2011


I admit to wishing fat thoughts towards certain people and the karmic ways of the universe gets revenge by raining on my parade and suffocating the life right out of me. Literally. I can't breath. Well, obviously I can a little...My body aches and the 'ice pick right behind my eyes' feeling is getting a little old. I'm mostly annoyed that 1) Porkchop got it and is miserable too, and 2) I don't have time for this! It started only a few hours before our Ice Cream Social, requiring me to call it off. Now it's rained for the last 24 hours so there's no playing outside. I take it back! I take them all back! Proof that I'm not entirely a lost cause, I scored four gallons of completely usable "oops" paint. It's not just usable, but it's going to be perfect! It is just begging, BEGGING me to get going. It practically jumped in the aisle at me and since I'm at an impass as to what the next step in the kitchen makeover should be, I'm switching rooms. Happy Birthday Dude! It's your birthday present to myself. I'm finally going to buckle down and do something with your room. Hopefully. That is my plan. If the paint fumes don't completely snuff me out... if I can muster the will be there next more episode on Hulu shouldn't hurt...EVERYthing hurts.

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cambridgeclan said...

Garlic, garlic, garlic. Hopefully the yard will dry out enough to play in today.

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