Monday, May 9, 2011

Same as Any Other

I had plans of writing a thoughtful Mother's Day post in where I was able to articulate my disdain for the holiday as well as express my gratitude for the great women in my life. It was going to be a difficult task since I am not a fan of the Holiday. It is complicated, but after taking a consensus with like-minded women have, I have settled that it has to do with a combination of things that complicate the day.

Mom guilt. I could end the list I include our Birthmom? we send a gift?...What do we say? Cuz she's not the Mom..but Mother's Day must suck?...Mother's Day sucks for so many...Remember when Mother's Day really sucked?...Aw,crap! Chalk this one up to another card that didn't make it in the mail in time!...Love you Mom!...Aw, crap! Did you call your Mom?...I talk to my Mom almost every day...Today is no different...Whatever...Cash that cow in and milk it for all it's worth...Breakfast in bed?...Foot massage?...I am going to send a card, I swear. It took two of us to hold down Porkchop to get a semi-presentable handprint and he tried to lick the paint....Next year...

Luckily for you, the weekend was too short (as usual) and I didn't have time to write my post or get anything in the mail. Time was sucked away by taking care of the sick man- as Scrunch calls it, debating the perfect placement of our first garden boxes, putting together an Ikea part for every dollar spent, a night of nausea followed by early morning puking, and an emergency trip to Walgreens. On the way home, we played a game by coming up with suggestions for what could have raised the clerks eyebrows even further. What do they think when you buy Sour Lifesaver Gummies, licorice Nibs, condoms, a pregnancy test, and athlete's foot spray? I would have won the game with my suggestion of Valtrex. Minds were put at ease with a result in the negative. And to seal the deal Porkchop began puking, confirming the flu. I spent the evening washing sheets.

Then we lost the dog.

I don't know when. I don't know how it happened. But I started to panic.

Don't worry. We found her.

Like any good Mother in response to their lost child, I wanted to beat her and hug her at the same time. I don't know where she thought she was going.

I fell asleep in the recliner after catching up on some charting.

I liked Ellie's idea. The perfect Mother's Day card should read, "I know today is not any different from yesterday. And tomorrow is going to be more of the same, but I appreciate how hard you work anyway." I'd send it to my Mom, too. Heck, raise your hand if this card would not apply to you and you wouldn't want it sent your way? That's what I thought.


cambridgeclan said...

The dog just wanted you to remember that you like her. At least a little.

Goose said...

Poor Ani. Where was she?

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