Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They really are this cute. So hate me.

I am awake trying not itch my bazillion mosquito bites. I already let Ellie know I blamed her, but I think the mosquito bites ON the mosquito bites occurred AFTER we came home from the first ever hike with two toddlers (one in age, the other in size)- when Husband and I decided to do a little gardening in the moonlight. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? In reality, the kids were asleep. That is all. It wasn't part of my master Date Your Honey at Home Plan. You don't try and combine sixty-four cubic feet of Mel's mix with two pint-sized helpers if you want any of your blastedly expensive dirt to be left in the box. I don't know much about gardening (or anything), but I figured that one out without reading the book. Process of elimination dictates that the mixing of our soil would have to occur in the dark, during children's sleeping hours. Moonlight gardening does make us sound all spontaneous and care-free though, didn't it? Hate to burst your bubble.

Now I sit trying not to scratch, failing miserably, and debating between writing a real post or just posting the pictures. I'm about to go with 'just post the pictures so you can go to bed already!!' but needed to clarify lest you think this blog is turning in to one of those "picture perfect blogs". You know the ones. The ones where you think, "Damn. Why do they always look so happy?" "What is in their Kool-Aid?!" Not that it's wrong to look happy or be happy. It's just... well I don't know, maybe it's just me and my wicked ways but I always want to throw rocks at them and send them fat thoughts. Not all of them, but lots of them. Some of them I regard with great esteem and am truly happy for their happiness and beautifulness. Others? Well... not so much. I know. Wicked. I'll have to work on it. But we have been doing lots of fun things lately and my kids have been flippin' adorable (I think it's a plot to take me down. I'll explain later.)- minus the hike-side melt downs about everything and anything. That Scrunch can be such a girl! I didn't take any pictures during that little adventure. There are plenty of other pictures and of other fun. But please, oh please!? You're about to see a video of just how cute my kids can be. There will also be some pictures of our super fun weekend in the next couple of days. Keep your fat thoughts to yourself.

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The Zimmermanns said...

I have a couple of great pics from the hike. Meltdown included, just for you.

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