Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gender Neutral

Among the phrases I'd like a quarter for every time I have to hear is, "Oh, I forget... What are you having?"

And I say, "It's either a boy or a girl."

Up until about last week I was totally cool with not knowing. I was convinced it was a girl. Absolutely convinced. My sister even started calling her Juju.

And then it donned on me. What if it's a boy? Oh, crap. This could totally be a boy.

And I told Scrunch, "We will love it even if it's a boy."

And she said, "No, we won't."

And I said, "Yes we will!"

And we went on like this for about five minutes. And I still don't know why I even bothered to argue with my pre-schooler for anything more than a minute.

But now it's killing me!

So I Googled some boy names. I got nothin'.  Except the backups we didn't use for Porkchop.

But I'm betting it's a girl. And not just because I'm about three seconds from casting on these matching sweaters for Easter...


Goose said...

Don't worry, JuJu is a girl. If it isn't, looks like you are going to have to have 5 kids because Scrunch was pretty adament that she was going to have 2 sisters...

Angela N said...

Those are so sweet! I hear you on the arguing with pre-schoolers. It's maddening, and I remind myself how pointless it is.

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