Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random ...What day is it again?

We're eating soggy fishsticks and smoothies for dinner. Sick. But I'm running out of ideas and the inclination to make gourmet soups for my still pureed diet sucking toddler. He is so over it. He stands in front of the pantry screaming "MEEEE!!! EEEEEAAAT!!!!" I would have loved it had my kids been the ones who only eat Gogurts the last two weeks. But not so. They eat the peppercinis off a Subway sandwich. "Beef, it's what's for dinner" could be stenciled on a sign in my kitchen. They come by it naturally. Three more days!!! And we will eat, and eat, and eat until I start puking and have a baby.

I puked in labor last time. Have I mentioned that? It was very glamorous. My plastic bowl swaying on the waves of my heaving. I only thought of that because I watched the video of Porkchop's birth last week. I'm glad we have it, but I don't like watching it. It makes me really uncomfortable. And it's not even graphic.

I would not have made it through the week without the help of my Grandma. She's the only person I know nuts enough to volunteer for helping us out while Husband was gone.

Scrunch is a trooper. Someday I will buy us a pony.

Husband comes home tomorrow. Good thing. As of tomorrow I am 36(ish) weeks, and I could theoretically have this baby. I don't think I will though. I think it will be another couple of weeks. February 12th or 14th would be kind of funny since the 13th is my Mom's birthday. Scrunch was born the day after my sister and Porkchop the day before my Dad's. Let's go with the 12th because I think naming a Valentine's Day baby Juliette must be some kind of love curse.

Yes, if it's a girl we will probably name her Juliette. Scrunch has decreed it. And since neither of us hate it we've kind of let her go with it. If it's a boy we'll have to Google something because it has not crossed anyone's (especially Scrunch's) mind that it might possibly be a boy. Her exact words in response to, "What if it's a boy?" are "I don't want to talk about it."

If it's a boy we might have to name him Ezra, like my nephew. She really likes him. They have matching llamas and jammies.

Oh, and can you people not read? There were explicit instructions that if you were to check 'LMAO'  about those Grandma shoes I want, that you were to give me alternatives.

But if you were ever to listen to me, now is the time. Cross your fingers for us, would ya? We have some big plans in the works the next few weeks that I'm not as of yet at liberty to discuss. Like besides international business trips, surgery, dental implants, and a new baby. Besides that. Good stuff. Exciting stuff. But I can't say another word. Not a single word.

I don't care if I ever see "WOOOODY!!! MOOOOOVIE!!!" EVER again.

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