Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loose Ends

I can only think in bullets. I have mom brain, or am tired, or suffer from Squirrel Syndrome. (Think Up)

  • I can't be the only woman whose nesting involves glass etching cream. I'm not, right? There's just these projects that I've been meaning to get to, that I NEED to get to, that I haven't gotten to. And so that's what I'm working on. Stuff like re-painting the birthday tree, staging the hutch, and finding a good use for last year's Sunday School manual. I found it. It's now a wreath that smells like cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. You'll see it. Later.
  • I haven't taken any pictures lately. I waddle slower than my kids move so by the time I get the camera the moment is over and they are off on their next adventure. I've taken to just forgetting the camera, closing my eyes, and trying to sear the memory on my brain. My top three today were Porkchop lounging on the couch "reading" a chapter book with the most serious expression. Scrunch's face when she gave me thumbs up that I could leave during her first day as a Sunbeam. Scrunch's face again when I picked her up and she showed me her very first birthday present. And Scrunch yelling "Help me! Help me, Sir!" at Porkchop wearing his firehat.
  • Scrunch's birthday is Thursday. She was given a choice and chose a date with Mom and Dad and her brother rather than a party. (Good girl.) And when I asked her what she'd like to do she responded with, "A rock wall." When I asked her what she wanted to eat..."Shrimp." (That's my girl!)
  • I dream about my Valentine's Day present. Papa will go to my favorite sushi place and bring me two Blue Ravine Rolls and a side of edamame. He will then take the two older kids to the Children's Discovery Museum for a few hours while I lounge on my bed watching trashy t.v. and nursing a new baby and making myself sick on sushi. And then I will take a nap on my stomach!!! Ahhhh....
  • The comments I've received this pregnancy have been classic. Last week I got, "I didn't know you were so far along. I just thought you were getting huge!" Which is funny because today at church I got two "I didn't even know you were pregnant"s. My personal and all time favorite though was from my parent's always drunk neighbor, who we love, Jay..."She looks like a python who swallowed a pig!"
  • Tomorrow Porkchop has an audiogram scheduled. I'm anxious to see how they pull these things off with a child his age. How accurate can it be when he is going to deliberately do the opposite of what you just asked him to do and then scream "No!" just because he can?
  • Last Sunday I was cool with the baby staying put for a minute. This week I'm totally fine with it falling out tonight or Tuesday. I don't want it dough-y in the middle and halfbaked, but man I'd sure like to have a lap again. So would my kids. But I have plans this weekend. My mom and dad are coming and we have a breakfast date on Saturday morning for waffles, cinnamon rolls, and California Eggs Benedict at my favorite breakfast place. Maybe early next week? Groundhog day? And if it's a boy we'll name him Phil.

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