Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear McNeil Sister, (a.k.a. the only person who ever comments on my blog) sniff. And I might not even know you in real life. sniff. sniff.,

I thought only 2.75 people ever read my crap outside of those directly related to the cute children sometimes pictured here. Do I know you so well that you assumed you'd see me sporting my floral skinnies tomorrow, the next day, and the next day after that? I have to admit I was only a little hurt that you only asked to see my new purse(s) and not me in my jeans. Sniff.

Since you might be my new best friend, I will oblige. But later. I'm supposed to be working right now and (clearly), I'm not. I am suffering from anal glaucoma. I just can't see my butt going to work.

Oh, come on! That was funny. I heard it on the radio on my luckiest day of the year and I laughed so hard while I was driving that the cars next to me might have thought I was illegally texting or tweeting or FBing while driving. I wasn't- just listening to the good old fashioned radio. I need to get out more.

Today I am wearing cowboy boots and a maxi skirt (because I felt like it), should you care. Obviously, you don't. I did not check Pinterest first to find out if this was a suitable outfit for a Mom wardrobe. Maybe I'll do that when I'm done here. Or maybe I'll watch more YouTube videos on how to fill in your eye brows. That's what I did the other night when I was avoiding working. I found out that I need to order MAC eyebrow pencil in Brunette and Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy Glide-On Shadow.

Anyway, I probably won't carry a purse since I'm only headed to take Scrunch to pre-school and then later to my violin lesson. If I get super ambitious I will sew up a new tote for my music. I'll snap a quick phone pick of that for you as well. But not while I am driving.

In the meantime, don't eat Coco Puffs off my floor. This was the wisdom passed on to me by the 9 year old son of my bunny breeder. Wisdom beyond his years that one. I thought I would pass it on since I should probably snap a quick phone pick of Cadbury while I'm taking random pictures of things around my house. I read that the Internets love cats. I don't like cats, so I think we should make a collective effort to flood our blogs with pictures of bunnies and chickens. Ellie, go! Phone pic of the chicken, please. I'm still bent out of shape that my HOA does not allow chickens.

OK, it's really time to go to work. I read that, "We read to know that we are not alone." I can totally get that, especially from those of you who keep reading my blog. Congratulations! You're not the only one who's completely nuts.

The Mayor of CRAZYtown


grandma/mom said...

Read your bog faithfully and chuckle all the way through. I just don comment. I think I may go to DI today:) However in Provo it is well picked over and Brent always brings home crap:)

grandma/mom said...

I faithfully read read your blog and chuckle all the way through. I just don;t comment. However I think I may go to DI today:) Problem is Provo DI is so picked over and Brent always comes home with stuff that is just crap:))

Katie said...

So as to not be outdone I will leave a comment! Longtime reader, first time (in a long time) commenter. My laziness has reached new heights where I simply read blogs rather than comment on them or, heaven forbid, update my own! Anyway, I miss you big time and reading your blog almost makes me feel like we're sitting at the lake again. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be sitting at the lake with you right now!

But I digress. PLEASE post a pic of you in the floral skinny jeans. PLEASE!!

grandma/mom said...

Part of the problem of leaving a comment is that my comments seem to disappear into outer space. However maybe I will go to DI. Now I probably have commented 3 times:)

Ellie said...

Half these people can be totally jealous of me, because, I saw the Mayor IN HER FLORAL JEANS. And I must say, she rocked them. For if it was me my butt would have looked like I sat on an old bouquett and hers did not.

Rachel Evans said...

I too read your blog:) I like seeing how your doing and what a beautiful family you have!

Marti said...

"Don't eat Coco Puffs off my floor" Thought that was funnier than the anal glaucoma.

Ashlee said...

I love your blog and I comment but they seem to get lost.

Ashlee said...

I love your blog!!!!

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