Monday, February 11, 2013

Them's my favorite.

The floral skinny jeans came the same day Mi Esposo came home and I got a surprise check in the mail from a work bonus I wasn't expecting. I decided to use it to buy something from my 30 before 30 list and get a new purse. I wore them the day I ran away from home (for a few hours) and decided to brave the Goodwill Outlet and maybe hit the regular outlets on the way home.

I'd only heard about it and as it's not in the best area of town- saved it for a time when I could be out during daylight hours. I quickly stopped being nervous though when I realized how many patients I'd seen in the area. This place is not for the faint of heart. They wheel out these big bins and you just sort through them. It is all sold by the pound. The real hard-core sifters are there to make a profit and even wear work gloves. There's pushing and shoving when a new bin comes out. It's a little intense, but fun to people watch.

I thought I scored big when I pulled out three 100% wool sweaters in perfect condition. Then there was the pretty green Banana Republic sweater. And then the three chambray shirts. Yes! They were exactly what I was looking for. As I moved on to the household items I started to think I was wearing my lucky jeans. Sweet hallelujah! An old, green (my favorite!), wooden steamer trunk- with leather handles. Some wooden scroll bars for needlework. Nice. A large wooden doll house. $2.99 baby! This is   starting to feel like a productive outing.

I stopped by the books on my way out. There was a fierce looking Asian couple sifting through their two carts full with their phones in hand. If they aren't worth anything they are tossing them back. I steered clear and moved to a different bin they had already picked through. I happened to reach down and pick up an old book. Hemingway. Hmmm...I'd read Hemingway for 50 cents. Sure, why not? I flip open the page and see 'Copyright 1929'. Guess who picked up a first edition copy of Farewell to Arms that may or may not be worth enough to finance my thrifting for the rest of the year? The chick in the floral skinny jeans, that's who.

But it doesn't end there. There is another Goodwill not two blocks away. This is where I scored a great condition Coach purse for twenty-five bucks. Thank you, thank you. I also bought the Nine West one with the tags still on!!! just for fun.

On my way home I skip the outlets- no point in going now! And stopped at the grocery store for some milk and to replenish the snack bin. Pushing my cart through the automatic door, I stopped to let an older gentleman in front of me get by and got an"Oooh, baby!!! Them's is some sexy pants!" I wish he had all his teeth, but hey, a compliment is a compliment.

So, will I be wearing the floral skinny jeans from Amazon again? Just about every damn day.

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4 McNeil Sisters said...

So, do we have to beg to see the purses?

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