Sunday, February 10, 2013

This one totally snuck up on me.

My poor third child. She doesn't even know it's her birthday. But people keep chanting and then saying her name. It is a weird tradition, this Happy Birthday Song.

Since we have early church (kinda love it, kinda lame) we only had muffins for breakfast. Luckily, we stock up on her favorites for dinner in our food storage- spaghetti and green beans. A zombie apocalypse where we live off (what is supposed to be) 2 years worth of food from our garage is Juju's meal planning dream. Shirts at the table are clearly optional. At what Birthday should this change?

Tomorrow we celebrate for reals with the traditional donuts and pink milk for breakfast and Mongolian Barbecue for lunch.

Happy Birthday Juju! Cha! cha! cha!

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Marti said...

Ju Ju's birthday and Erick steals the show/

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