Thursday, February 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover

In another life I have a personal shopper and live in the Restoration Hardware catalog. In this one I have kids who need multiple sets of braces and student loans. How exciting could "I just dropped ten grand at Macy's Homestore" really be anyway? Oh, who am I kidding? It would be ridiculously awesome. Instead, I dropped a really very teensy, tiny amount on Craigslist and the drunk man's estate sale.  I have stories! and sweat! and tears! and swears! put into this room to make it ours. Plus, could the personal shopper say that she dug all the succulents out of a toilet in someone's front yard? I think not.


Sorry about the phone pics, but I am terrible at taking low lighting indoor shots with my camera so this way it looks vintage-y and distorted on purpose.

Curtain rods- IKEA
Side tables- MALM IKEA
Headboard- Cosignment
Wicker trunk- One of the first things I ever bought in a consignment shop
Framed butterfly- Consignment
Bedding- Amazon

Huge I heart Us string art to cover stupid builder's "accent" alcove- Thank you Pinterest
Dresser- Free and Annie Sloan's chalk paint
Chair- One of the four chairs that came with the $27.00 dining table recovered in some suede from my Mom's neighbors warehouse.
Wool Felt Pouf- Tuesday Morning
Spinning wheel- Huge story and post in itself, but short version...generous friend from knitting group.

A few of my favorites...
GRAY!!! Cowhide rug- the biggest splurge for the room. I bought it on-line. She doesn't have a name yet.
Fiddle leaf fig and basket pot- Please don't die! Please don't die! Please don't die! IKEA. Also, doesn't have a name yet.
White ceramic Asian statue- We got her for our wedding from my Mom's previous employer. I know. Weird right? But now she has a place of honor. And I love her.

Picture frames- Drunk man's estate sale. $1.00 a piece!! I let my kids paint over the weird paintings inside but kept the old victorian lovebirds.
Teak bowl with succulents...$1.00 at the Drunk man's estate sale. I gave him $3.00 for all the succulents because I felt bad.
Brass horseshoe- Drunk man's estate sale. $1.00
Small silhouettes- A gift for my 10th birthday from my Grandma. They were her great grandmothers. 
Cable knit ceramic vase- $2.00 Clearance from Cost Plus
Floral pillow- Mi Esposo bought in during his layover in Brussels this last trip.
Tray with jewelry boxes- 2 are from each of my great grandmothers, glass shoe is from John's grandmother, glass rose is what Mi Esposo proposed to me with.
Green glass vase- Drunk man's estate sale. $1.00
Green and Turquoise glass containers- $10.00 at the drunk man's estate sale when his son was in charge. 
Plate with the temple and our wedding date- Wedding gift from Grammy
Green basket- Home Goods Clearance
Weathered pallets you can see in the reflection- $5.00 a piece on Craigslist. I just hung them on the wall with OOK hardware so they won't fall off and mame someone, but other than that they were already all gray and weathered. 
Monogram- Etsy

On my nightstand...
Woman in Prayer- Christmas gift from my parents when I was in High School.
Teak bowl and more toilet succulents- $1.00 at you guess it! Drunk man's estate sale.
Shell frame- Marshall's or Ross a looong time ago.
Another $2.00 vase from Cost Plus
Vintage glass stick lamps- $2.00!!!!!! I bought both. Loved that estate sale!

That's a grand total of a whole lot of free and almost free old crap! (That's what I tell Mi Esposo. 'Honey, that's almost free!')

All that's missing now is for me to finish the pillow...
Kiss Needlepoint Kit - large

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