Monday, January 18, 2010

Once a Month Work Out

I decided to try the Once A Month Cooking thing after my sister bought the cookbook, tried it, and endorsed the recipes. Not only is cooking an entire month's worth of meals an exercise in every domestic skill I possess, but quite a workout too. Do you know how heavy it makes your cart at Costco? I was a crappy driver before but now, forget it! Step in front of my cart and you're likely to end up in the E.R.

Three and half hours of shopping at three different stores, seven of cooking, and too many taste tests to count- I am still not finished. That's what Wednesday is for. I couldn't have done this without my poor husband's help. A nanny would be nice but I'll keep my helpful husband any day. His contribution was keeping Scrunch happy and five dozen Chocolate-Craisin Oatmeal cookies. Scrunch's contribution was feeding herself airplane style as much cottage cheese as I could shovel her direction.

Before- Counter space? What counter space? Don't hate the green. It's going. That's the other thing Wednesday is for- painting the perfect shade of green. Not this Carter's unisex puke you see here.
During- My husbands other contribution. Don't even mention the boots. Or cooking to Ace of Base. I love them both.

After- No pictures. Two words for you. Tempur-pedic. Thankfully our new bed was delivered today or this work-out might leave me unable to walk for the next month.


Holly said...

I think the green needs to be a bit brighter. What color are you going to repaint it? Or are you?

Miquela said...

What the hell are you wearing?

Kensley is adorable as usual:D

jody said...

The boots! The boots! What are the boots for?

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