Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of a Kind

I am a lightweight.

Three cupcakes has given me a wicked hangover. I'm not sure if it was the pink food coloring, the sugar, or the whole caboodle but I'd like to spend the day sleeping in a dark room. Or at least on the couch watching Dalmatians, Nemo, and a little HGTV if I can sneak it past her. Thankfully it's raining, stew is in the crockpot, and Scrunch didn't get anything that involved making music or flashing lights. And if she did it would promptly be packed and sent to Grami's house. But she didn't. Thank you to you all for that.

I'm not a huge fan of flashing lights, neon plastic, and noise for the sake of noise in general. One of the biggest decisions of the year was to go plastic on the Christmas play kitchen. No joke. Hours were spent reading every play kitchen review in Cyberspace. I'm glad I did because already it has seen it's share of non-plastic food and crayons. I am a sucker for Legos, books, puzzles, more books, art supplies, and wooden toys. Ahhhh. Quiet toys. Maybe that makes me a mean mom. Or mabe it just makes me an appreciator of those things that will become family heirlooms. The one-of-a-kind presents you don't ever forget.

The easel Gramps built is a perfect example of that.

Or the hobby horse mommy made for her.

We could have swiped a card at good ole Toys R Us, but a whole lot of love goes into something like this.


Miquela said...

I want a pony! That is so stinky cute. Good choice on the kitchen,my favorite is when little Miss cooks the plastic horses, and people on the stove.

P.S. Good job on the easel Gramps, sorry I wasn't there to keep you company as you finished it:)

needlenut said...

The hobby horse turned out wonderful. Of course it goes without saying that the easel is very special and made with a lot of love. You may have to adjust to noise when you get your boy as they seem to thing that noise is for boys.

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