Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're having a turtle.

I learned something new yesterday.

When you look at an ultrasound to tell the sex of a baby you're looking for either a) three little lines or b) what looks like a turtle. But to be honest it all looks the same to me.

Scrunch had climbed up on the table next to me and had her head on the pillow next to mine, but she quickly got the heck out of there and over to her Papa when the bearded dude came in. I don't know what her deal with beards is lately. The ultrasound tech started to do his thing. I wasn't paying much attention when Husband practically yelled (as far as yelling goes for my husband), "It's a turtle." To which Scrunch got excited and also yelled, "Yay! A turtle!" She then proceeded to ask me where our turtle was the rest of the afternoon.

We have progressed along the evolutionary trail from alien to turtle. One of these days we will have to acknowledge and have a conversation about the fact that we are indeed having a baby boy. This will most likely include getting her a turtle named Bobo.

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Miquela said...

You can't name your child and your pet the same name.

Oh by the way, that knitting pattern is a little creepy.

John said...

Yeah, There is not way that that turtles head is going to fit into that little shell.

Goose said...

Amen Miqui. Netty, just accept the fact that your child will forever be known as Bobo.

Side note- go post some recipes.

Shane & Amy said...

Congratulations on your turtle!! Boys are so much fun and bring a good balance when you already have a girl.

grandma/mom said...

Congrats on having a boy! I loved raising boys but am glad I got the chance to raise a girl too! They are different by the way:) As far as names go we got stuck on K sounding names so I can't be much help. We had a problem being teachers because some names just had bad vibs:) Carolyn

Angela said...

S went through a facial hair "thing" about that age too.

Anonymous said...

Yay on discovering the gender of your little baby!

Bad news, no hand me downs for Bobo.
Good news, no fighting over borrowed clothing when they reach HS age!

P.S. I think the turtle is cute.

Lisa said...

That is so exciting. I felt all along that you were having a boy. Watch out, they know how to pull their mama's heart strings! Congratulations.

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