Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's in a name?

I've hoped for a boy since we started talking about a second child so I just knew this had to be a boy. I was so certain that I've been buying boy clothes for months. The morning of our ultrasound I told my husband that it just had to be a boy, I don't think I could find all of the receipts. So wahooo! a turtle appeared and not only do I get a little boy, but I get to be right (again) all in one!

Our naming dilemma is that our baby boy is going to be a nerd. Before you think I'm trashing my husband you've got to know that this is his theory. It can't be something too trendy or it will look like he is trying too hard. But it can't be something too nerdy or he wont stand a chance.

We tossed a few names around and actually agreed on one. This is huge because husband says my names are too weird and I say his are too boring. His name is John and mine is Yannette. This was bound to happen. But we agreed on Boden.

Then my sister came to visit.

"I love it!!" she says.

"I know right? Not too weird, but weird enough. And it could sound really professional."

Boden Blank and Associates
Dr. Boden Blank
Boden Blank Engineering

Then she says, "Yeah!! And we could call him Bo-bo for short."


This was the clincher. My husband was sitting there. See, my sister AKA Aunt Goose has a thing for nicknames.


"But honey," I start to plead knowing full well that the name has just landed on the no-way-in-hell list.

"Then he really could be anything he wants when he grows up."

Bobo's Barbecue
Bobo's Boat Repair
Bobo's Bait Shop

and for the next twenty minutes my sister and I rolled on the floor laughing, not trying to contain ourselves exploring all of Bo-bo's options.

Bobo the Bouncer
Bobo's Brothel
Bobo's Bar
Bobo's Bailbonds (My personal favorite.)

And on and on and on we went laughing hysterically and ensuring that there most definitely was no way in hell we'd be naming our son Boden now. I still can't tell you that we've actually agreed on a name since, but I can tell you what it wont be.

I know I'm going to be sorry I asked, but keeping in mind our theories (nerdy but not too. Weird but not too weird.) any suggestions?


Melissa and Michael said...

What about "Brunden"? I'm just kidding. Boys names have always been hard for me. I could never think of any.
What about corey?

Brenley said...

Blog stalker coming out of the works...also an adoptive mommy.
My husband and I had the hardest time agreeing on names too before our son was born, he likes traditional and I like something different since my name is different and I don't my child having to go by his first name and last initial all the way through elementary school. We ended up with the name McCoy with the intention of calling him Mac but we never call him Mac (although I don't mind if other people do) and if we do shorten it we usually call him Coy. Anyway that is my suggestion because I think it kindof fits your requirements, and I don't mind if you use it.
And since I am outing my self, which I don't like doing unless I make sure people don't think I am a weirdo...

Miquela said...

Does it really make a difference what you name him? No matter what you name him he is just going to get a nickname. Like bobo or wall-e.

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