Monday, January 11, 2010

What I'm Loving or Made Me Laugh (Today)

Buh- Bye builder beige. Hello Bengay.

You could get a sunburn sitting in my kitchen year round. I love that. Maybe because I'm a Leo.

The kitchen has been painted and is now re-taped awaiting a re-paint job. I am more in love with this green.

The friend's Facebook update proclaiming this as the most WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Girl Scout cookies being sold now!

I told Scrunch to put her toys away so we could shower. We go and I'm about to stick her in the shower with me when she points to my belly and tells me, "Put your ball away!"

Fingerpuppets. I'm wishing I'd made more so Scrunch could keep a couple.

The e-mail in my Spam. From- Mr. Steamy. Subject- Removes wrinkles instantly. So wrong on so many levels and yet so funny.

What are you loving or made you laugh today? (I'd love a good roomie story here Miq. Or a crazy student story Jess. Or a crazy anything anyone.)


Katie said...

What made me laugh today was watching your daughter play the piano with one foot while she stood on the other! Unbelievable!

Goose said...

Do students drinking hand sanitizer count?

Holly said...

So're re-painting over the yellow? I love, love, love the yellow. I thought you were doing green somewhere Clarify for me please.

The pressure for a funny....Grady makes me laugh everyday. How 'bout this...he was in trouble (again) and was being told why he was in trouble when he poked my boob and made a zerbert sound. So funny! And, he was no longer in trouble anymore I was laughing too hard. (did I tell you that story already though? Oh well, your readers haven't heard that story)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Yellow is staying. Green is in the kitchen.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

You like to be sunburned year round because you're a Leo too. Let's go to Sea World for our birthdays, okay?

Melissa and Michael said...

okay so I am so jealous of your kitchen it is so adorable and fun. YAY for base housing and white wall!

jody said...

Ever heard of "nesting" behavior? I think you have got it baaad... Good thing you have good taste.

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