Saturday, January 2, 2010

Un-apologetically Random

And go on, and on, and on... I've been gone a week you know.

I am ringing in the New Year with a cold. How you can be stuffy in just one nostril is beyond me and driving me nuts. NUTS!! As is sleeping in the recliner so I don't suffocate. I've woken up during the night, made my way to my kitchen cupboard, and laid a thick glob of wasabi paste on my tongue. It cleared the sinuses. Temporarily, but long enough for me to be able to go back to sleep. This along with pregnancy induced insomnia and the fact that I was not able to fully taste and enjoy the best pecan pie I think I've ever had (next to my Gramps') has made me a little cranky.

On the bright side, only sleeping a few hours a night and having my energy back has made me really productive. I've been cleaning, organizing, painting, knitting like I did before my little alien took over. If I've learned anything the last few months it is that I really shouldn't stress over not cooking and cleaning my house. For almost four months I did what I considered the bare minimum, but was in a relatively good mood and my husband didn't even care. If something needed to be done, he did it. No one starved. And I'm pretty sure it was Elmo that has taught my kid to count to twelve. But I am glad that I am able to knit again without getting sick. I forgot how much I missed it and my knitting night!! Right about the time the puking period ended so did Husband's semester so I could go back to my knitting night.

Almost all of my New Year's Resolutions are related to knitting. If I am more organized I have more time to knit. If I do the Once A Month Cooking thing, more time to knit. If I go to the gym I will prove Don's Theory wrong that the size of your butt correlates to the amount of time you spend knitting. I have even set knitting goals for the year and cast on the first one yesterday.

For your knitting linking pleasure please turn your attention to the following...

1. Two Sweaters for Me - Liesl, Kelmscott knit-a-long

2. A pair of Socks- Jaywalker

3. Three projects involving reading a chart- Dale Tulips Cardigan, Selbu Modern, Rectangle Ulmus

4. 10 Baby Items- Me and my big mouth volunteered to do this for the Church.

5. 2 Fair Isle/Colorwork patterns- The tulips cardigan and Selbu take care of this but just for good measure I want to do Sleepy Monkey Blanket.

My energy levels better maintain, my two year old check any sort of attitude she might consider pulling, and our little alien be a good sleeper if I think I'm going to get any of this done. Isn't that what making resolutions are all about? Far fetched and unrealistic, but sounded good at the time. And yes, whether you knit or not you will be updated as to my progress. So far swatching the lace section of Kelmscott has made me an addict and I'm almost finished with the yoke of my Liesl.

I have only been able to write so long this morning because it's 9:45am and my kid is still asleep. Asleep on the floor after rolling out of her big girl bed, but asleep nonetheless. It's super cute. You should see it. Oh wait...

My camera is somewhere in the Desolation wilderness with my Husband building snow caves. He's not a Scout leader- he's just a big kid and so are his friends. It will a big dose of procrastination karma when all my Christmas pictures are lost on the frozen tundra. For those of you that have been calling, texting, harassing me about posting them- you'll have your revenge then. A surefire way to have them when you want them is to come and take them yourself. My family took me up on this on their way to take my sister to live on the frozen tundra. Funny thing, I haven't seen any of those pictures either. Not so easy, is it? Huh? huh?

Anyway, I do plan on doing something productive today. Like artwork for the walls of Scrunch's new room, my shopping list for Once a Month Cooking, painting a hutch, and I want to get past the sleeve section on Liesl. Yeah right. Tis the season to make unrealistic lists and sound full of crap.

Happy New Year's!


Marin said...

You are cracking me up! I love the references to last night's meetup. And thanks for the kudos on my pecan pie (I think!). I'm hearing a lot of myself in this post.

Angela said...

Please, please join me in proving his theory wrong. So far, so good.

That pecan pie was amazing..

Marin said...

I'd say the three of us are doing really well in proving his theory wrong (with the exception of pregnancies) :-)

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