Monday, January 4, 2010

What Little Girls are Made Of

I still have the finishing touches to put on the room- dust ruffle, memo board, pom pom fringe on everything, and a bigger rug.
Scrunch we're going to leave exactly the way she is.


needlenut said...

Love what you have done. And Scrunch is as cute as ever. She is really growing up.

Marti said...

So cute!!! And the room looks great also!

Lisa said...

In all honesty, will you come over and give me some pointers? I was just telling my daughter that I love the look of a decorated house, but lack the know-how. I'm all for crafty ideas because they're cheap and usually much cuter than what you could buy in the store.

Speaking of girls, are you going to find out what you are having??

Lisa said...

Ha! I just came back to look for a second time and caught a glimpse of your tummy in the mirror! And you thought you weren't going to post any pregnant pics (wink wink.) Too cute.

Shane & Amy said...

cute room, cute kid!

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