Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Excuses, excuses. A whole random list of 'em.

I hear rumor that there were murmurings against me and my non-blogging. Did you know that I'm so hooked in to my audience that I get more 'comments' in person or via text? Mostly because I have three sisters and am related to a gossip chain that would put the Twilight Bark to shame. (Name that Disney movie.) I'm also related to a Disney employee, hence the NEVERending Disney movie references.

As the queen of 'Lets Make Up Excuses' I have a list of them, all true of course, as to why my blogging s.u.c.k.s. I'm trying to cut out that word for various two year old who repeats everything reasons and damn it to hell if its not one of the hardest habits to kick. I have a dog that thinks her name lately is Dammit-to-Hell and she'd be awfully lonely had I picked that phrase to work on instead.

Back to me reasons...

Hours pumped is greater than hours slept yesterday. Putting a coherent sentence together. is. not. Eezy.

When I do have sentences put together they almost always have something to do with sleep, boobs, or food. Is this what it's like to be a man?

Too much time spent in front of my closet looking for something that fits. I'm going to have to resort to buying fat pants. I have several pairs of bloated/PMSing pants, but have never had a need for fat pants. A blessing as well as a curse.

Too much time spent conducting my own hearing tests on Porkchop by playing with the ringtones of my new phone or blasting Collective Soul.

I have a few posts written about the last few weeks that when reviewed seem to sappy for summer blog reading.

The most interesting post this week is tied between "Hands-free Pumping While You Drive" (It can be done!) and "I Couldn't Cry to Get out of a Ticket but Cried to Get an Appt for Porkchop Rescheduled"

So, if you're gonna complain you might as well be useful. Are there any subjects you'd like me to pontificate? Open forum. Your suggestion is my command, but don't say pictures. I know the only reason you put up with my rambling is for the pictures.


Marin said...

I'm not complaining. Your posting is more than expected at this point in the game :-)

On that note though and no pressure, really!, but are you planning on knitting tonight? We'd love to see you and meet porkchop.

Angela said...

Hehe, that's the 101 Dalmations, isn't it?

You mean that your talk does not include poo too? My sister used to complain about how much my life revolved around poo. . .

And as far as those words, DO NOT under any circumstances resort to spelling them! The littles learn too quickly. . . The 3 year old saying "O.F.F.S" was not even cute at home.

Hope you can manage some sleep soon!

Casey said...

I would never post a complaint either...I can only manage one post per month on my blog, and I don't have a newborn, or leaky boobs, or sleep deprivation to fall back on as an excuse. I love your entries, and will take what I can get! :)

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