Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Oh, just forget it!

I had this brilliant plan- taking pictures of my week. I had themes planned out for every day. (These are the things I think about while awake at three a.m. My posts are so much funnier at that time of day just in case you'd like to come back and read in a little while.) Today's was going to be "Before and After". I had my to-do list ready and we were gonna be in business- a real day in the life of moi. A productive day. A day for pictures.

Welcome to a real Day in the Life. Where "the best laid schemes of mice and men go oft awry." Starting with the camera being left in the car (I didn't have) all morning while I accomplished most of the necessaries on the to-do list. I got as far as making Scrunch's bed and doing the dishes. The rest of the list sort of dwindled away. Where did I even leave the list?

How could I have forgotten that I have a two year old and a two week old? This is not as good a time as any to be documenting my week in pictures. Between pumping every two to three hours and going potty just about as often, that's a whole lot of boobie and butt shots. It would have made for interesting before and after pics though, huh? Before pumping and after pumping is like a whole cup size. And the after potty? Now there is something we don't necessarily need to document.

So... about the pictures. I have a before of the dirty dishes and an after of the clean sink. A before of my messy bedroom. A before of the family/play room that's been painted but not organized. A before of the laundry. Where are the afters?

I forgot that in this new phase of life if things don't happen by noon, they're not going to happen. By lunch time anything left on the to-do list will have to be revisited tomorrow because I'm tired and Scrunch is ready to head to the park. If it doesn't happen tomorrow it can wait to be washed until I need it next or my Spanish speaking housekeeper we call 'Abuelita' comes to cook and clean and scrub toilets for me. Legally of course. Since there is no housekeeper, legal or otherwise, it's just gonna have to wait until I need it next. Whatever 'it' may be.

Again, about the pictures. No worries. Husband was in charge of the camera yesterday so I won't leave you completely hanging.

Tomorrow? From now on I make no promises for tomorrow.


cambridgeclan said...

So am I the first one up and reading? I try to keep my list to one extra item a day:) Sad, but true. I am much more successful that way. Eating, dishes and laundry are automatic. Everything else is extra. Of course I'm 5 weeks ahead of you. I think at two weeks I was still just keeping everyone alive and dressed.

Lisa said...

And when you look back in five years from today, you won't even remember that your dishes weren't done or that the toys weren't picked up. You'll want to remember the way your babies looked when they were two years and two weeks.

Marin said...

When I saw you were going to do Week in the Life, I was thinking you were SUPER WOMAN! I don't know how I'd fit that in right now and I don't have a 3 week old. One day we'll both have to do it though...

BTW, some of your posts have words highlighted in yellow. It's random. Is that your intention? Just wondering.

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