Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sanity Saving Strategies

I had to leave knitting night early Tuesday. Porkchop just wasn't having it so we split. Of course he fell asleep before we left the parking lot, but I had to admit defeat anyway. I wanted to cry on the way home. Knitting night is MY night. It keeps me sane. It seems sanity is going on the back burner for a while. I will sleep when I'm dead and I will knit when.......well, not this week at least.
On the verge of a large dose of self pity and being emotionally and physically spent from one of the weirdest days, I went home and went to bed. Come hell or high water I was going to have a sane day.

Step 1- Forgo the shower and forget about finding time later. Put on swimming suit instead and wear sunglasses. Even indoors. Baby Big Hair (Scrunch's AM nickname) wakes up and is in an instantly good mood. "You're wearing your simming suit! We go to the beach today?!?!"

Step 2- Clean, vacuum, and get out of Dodge. You can't make a mess if you're not there.

Step 3- Picnic with the girlies at the beach. Actually, what I affectionately will be calling Goose Poop Lake. But it's beautiful (once we scared the 60 geese away), it's close, and since it's within our gates- no riff raff. This also makes me want a golf car even more.

Step 4- Come home and make a lemonade icee that I made Scrunch eat with a spoon. This entertains her long enough to pump, feed Porkchop, and re-Google dinner's recipes.

Step 5- Turn on the sprinklers and head outside. See Step 2. This also washes off the lake water and the lemonade which is now being transferred from her cup, to my cup, to the cup that I water the plants with.

Step 6- Bath. Entertains her for another episode of pumping. Pump while folding a load of laundry.

Step 7- Hello Lilo and Stitch! Captivates the toddler and I can make dinner. We're headed for the home stretch and everyone is too tired to make a mess! Hallelujah it's working!

Step 8- Dinner, dancing, bedtime, and then....quiet! I finally catch Modern Family with my ice cream sandwich covered with Dad's blackberry sauce and whipped cream.

There are too many steps I'd have to remember for a day like this to be repeated. Kept me sane though. Too simplify I'll just go with- live in your bathing suit and eat all dairy covered in Dad's blackberry sauce.

And yes, I forgave Porkchop for making me miss knitting.

Scrunch's First Photos. Thank you Lilo.


Marin said...

Love it. You were so calm and controlled at knitting, I wouldn't have known you were bummed to leave! It was great to see you in whatever capacity. I just felt like that this morning...and put teething Maggie down for an early nap at 8:30 am! I was about to go out of my mind after one fit after another.

Marti said...

Yay for baths and movies!!

cambridgeclan said...

What is me time? I keep my sanity by not expecting my own time, just enjoying it when it comes my way. I'll start planning my time in another 18 months or so:) Today my me time was running to the store real fast by myself. Not much, but I was alone!

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