Sunday, June 6, 2010

Groovy Baby

Let be honest. The last three weeks have kicked my butt around the block a few times. I'm slowly starting to get back in my groove, but




This is a whole new groove.

As we left the house, ironically to go for a walk around the block, I felt like I was forgetting something.

Kid one. Check.

Kid two. Check.

Whatever. We were just going for a walk.

At one point Porkchop started to fuss. As I fiddled with the sling and his bottle getting him set up for a feeding I was reminded.

Nursing pads.

And I went home to change my clothes for the third time.

One of these days Mommy is going to get it together and we'll measure our productivity in terms greater than the number of times we change our clothes or ounces pumped. Except Scrunch. She measures her success in how many times she can disrobe and take out her ponies before Mom notices again.

We may not be blogging, sewing, or cleaning but we are getting dressed every day.


Angela said...

Isn't it amazing how fast toddler's can strip down to nothing? It's a losing battle.

Love the pics, and K's doll sling. Love E's hat, and smiling face.

Lisa said...

Keep taking it easy. It's usually around this time that I start to get ahead of myself and have to be reminded that I am still postpartum. Take the good days as they come, and never be afraid to rest. Believe me, in the long run you'll never remember what didn't get accomplished. He's a cutie!

cambridgeclan said...

I love the little smile on Erick. Let me know when you start to get out without forgetting something. I am not usually there yet.

Crazy Me... said...

I am calling serious porkchop holding time this weekend- kinda like a calling for shot gun type thing...

And that pic of scrunch w/ a baby sling- ADORABLE!

Marti said...

Cute pics! Love Scrunch's baby sling

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