Friday, June 25, 2010

Poster child

If my airbag goes off for any reason while I'm driving I'll become a walking billboard of sorts.

It's not a huge stretch of the imagination to see how these puppies would be emblazoned on each side of my chest resulting in an image very similar to this...

The thought keeps me up at night. 

Not really. Other things keep me up at night, but I've still thought quite a bit about it. Obviously.

After almost two months of not stepping foot inside that place, I made it there yesterday.

We're onto day three of Operation Get Out of Dodge (GOOD). And it's working.

We went to the "free" movie- tried to anyway. We were meeting friends 45 min away. They lock the doors at 1010. My GPS led me astray and by the time I got the kids out of the car and convinced Scrunch to hold my hand the entire way through the parking lot, it was 1016. Even though there were seats saved for us, the theater was half empty, and there was no one else standing outside I was told that they would not be letting me in because then they'd have to do it for everyone else. I was the only one standing there. The pimply puke behind the desk is grateful he was behind plate glass, and he doesn't even know it. Letter of Law-types get on my last nerve.

He's lucky that while I was lost I passed a Target and that after promising a movie with friend's, Scrunch's response was surprisingly mature and we avoided a meltdown. I texted the Girlies and told them I'd still meet them for lunch, then headed for the black hole.

The "free movie" turned into a fifty dollar trip to Target, but who is surprised it wasn't more? I love that place, but not enough to provide them with free advertising so I pump hands free.


Goose said...

If the thought freaked me out before now the added danger REALLY freaks me out...

Goose said...

Are you on a blogging hiatus? Post more pics of your adorable kiddos!

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