Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love a list.

I am in the camp of those who feel that if you're already blasting Christmas music you need to get a hobby. Trust me, if you had more hobbies you would know that IT'S NOT TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR IT TO BE TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! But then again I have an Elton John station on my Pandora list. What do I know?

Oh, I take that back. I could listen to a good rendition of 'Oh, Holy Night' just about any time of the year. These guys can even come sing it at my birthday party.

Try as I might, even I am not strong willed enough to resist the gravitational pull of the Christmas Craziness. So I've started my lists and I'm checking them twice...

To Do Before I Leave Town Next Week
Finish the computer armoire
Finish painting the end tables and hutch
Clean out the fridge so I can put the bulbs in
Make the Pilgrim, Indian, and Turkey hats for the kids
Wrap presents for the exchange

December 3rd Deadline
Sew up these stockings.
Tree up and lights on the windows
Mail out of town packages
Mail Christmas cards
Plant winter garden

Before Christmas
Caramel Apples
Make the tree ornaments
Finish the collage wall in dining room
Sew dining room curtains
Begin craft room overhaul

Kids' Christmas List
Finish the train table
Order the trains
Sew capes, masks, dino tails, and crowns
Order Scrunch's book
Buy Porkchop's jammies
Needle felt the frog
Knit the turtle
Come to grips with the fact that as much as I love handmade, natural toys, Scrunch really, really, REALLY wants Santa to bring her a pretty pink hermit crab with polka dots.
Cave and give Santa the go ahead on the cheap, made in China, plastic crab with itty-bitty pieces that I will loathe, but will keep the belief in Santa living in a child's heart forever.
Wrap it up and call it good.

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cambridgeclan said...

I just want to finish last years Christmas gifts.

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