Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Apologies

To Porkchop:

You really didn't stand a chance.

Your mother was a nerd. Now she's just a mom in purple glasses.

Your father is a nerd. He's an engineer at a company where they play speed chess in the cafeteria. No, really. I've seen it.

You have an older sister who likes pink with sparkles and asks mom to buy clothes with 'that pretty spots' (Cheetah print).

Don't expect to be voted Mr. Popular in High School or anything, but we really like you!


Marti said...

You can put all the necklaces you want on him or pink helmets and he is still all boy, I see it in his eyes and smile, he is ALL boy! And I get to see him and Scrunch in a week!

nate&amanda said...

He might be nerdy but he'll sure be handsome, plus it's the nerds that make the big bucks.

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